Influencer Marketing Trend HighliGHT: MICRO INFLUENCERS


When you think about influencer marketing, do you picture mega-celebrities sharing pics with millions of fans?

Do you think that influencers need a massive network before brands will pay attention?
Think again. Micro-influencers are in demand, due to their high engagement and success at reaching targeted niche audiences. With followers that number anywhere from 1,000 to 100,000, these small-scale social media stars can have a major impact thanks to their intensely dedicated and engaged followers. With micro-influencers, it’s quality over quantity – and brands today are clamoring to find the right fit for their message.


  • It’s all about the niche. Don’t try to be everything to everyone. Identify your unique angle and embrace it to build your audience. Be an expert!

  • Keep it professional. Polish your posts with filters and trending hashtags. Take time to double-check your spelling and grammar.

  • Be consistent. Create posts that resonate with your audience by having a consistent message, style, and tone of voice.

  • Change the world one post at a time. Know what your audience wants and give them valuable content that makes their lives better – or at least entertains them! Share your secrets with your fans.

  • Get engaged. Follow brands and fellow trendsetters whose profiles complement yours. Build relationships with reposts, likes, and online small talk. Make friends by reaching out first and saying hello.

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